AstroAndroid is a product launched by our company with a purpose to make astrology available to users on their android phones/ tabs.
AstroAndroid is an absolute software solution for Horoscope ,Marriage Compatibility,Prashna Kundli,Shubh Kaal,Ruling kundli etc for any android phone that supports Android version 2.2 and more.
AstroAndroid does not require any kind of GPRS or internet connection as it resides directly as a .APK file in your phone memory occupying less than 1.5mb memory.
We provide an external memory card with the box and the application file will be stored in the memory card which occupies less then 1.5mb memory.The memory card acts like a lock and you can use the application in any amount of phone devices as long as the memory card stays with you.

Price : Rs 6000

Item Requirements/Specs
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Brand: Android Only
Handset: Phone/Tablet/Phablet
Android Version: Above Android 3.0
Storage: External Micro Sd card slot(expandable upto 4/8/16/32/64 GB) Required
App Memory: less than 10 MB
Sim Card: Optional/Not required
Wifi: Optional/Not required
2G/3G/Edge: Optional/Not required
Astrology: Need Basic Astrology Knowledge
Sr. No Item
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1. External Memory Card with AstroAndroid.apk
2. Backup CD for AstroAndroid
3. Instruction Manual

1. Calculate horoscope, match making, prashna kundli, shubh kaal, ruling kundli etc.

2. Processing in Nirayan, KP and Sayan ayanamsas.

3. 5000 years Panchang calculation on your mobile.

4. Supports languages English, Hindi

5. Comes bundled with large city database, you can also add new cities in it.

6. You can store data of more than 300 clients.

7. Day to day Chogadia, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Vijay muhurat, Gulik

8. kaal, based on the place selected

9. KP Dasa with significators.

10. One Click Instant Ruling Kundli.

11. Shodashvarga -16 charts.

12. Varshphal Predictions.

13. Email/SMS kundli varshphal predictions all over the world.

Q1.How do I install the application?

Ans.Insert the memory card in your phone and Install the application on your phone.

Q2.What if I remove/reinstall/format the phone or application?

Ans.You can reinstall the application from the memory card.In case it is erased from the memory card ,we have provided you with a backup CD .Copy the backup into your memory card and Reinstall it.

Q3.What if I lose my Mobile?

Ans.The memory card in your device is the key to the software, if you lose your phone and not your memory card you can use the memory card to re install your software in another device.However if you lose the memory card you will have to re-purchase a new software all together.

Q4.What if I buy a new Mobile?

Ans.If you want to buy a new mobile simply retain the memory card provided to you by us. Insert the memory card in the new mobile/tablet and install the application on the new device. Your application is ready to run.

Q5.Can the client data from the old mobile be taken in the new Mobile?

Ans.Yes,go to setting-->backup and restore

Q6.What about the Upgrades?

Ans. Contact our office for new updates.

Q7.Can it be Exchanged or Transfered?

Ans. No.

Q8.What Precautions are Necessary?

Ans.Simply Retain the memory card under all circumstances.

Item Download
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AstroAndroid Manual Download (Right click->Save link as)
AstroAndroid APK Download (Right click->Save link as)

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