Kundli - 2025 is a product launched by our company with a purpose to make astrology available to users on your windows computers/laptops
Kundli - 2025 is an absolute software solution for Horoscope, Marriage Compatibility, Ayanamshas, Panchangs, Dashas, Gochars, Varshaphals and much more.

Price : Rs. 5000

Item Requirements/Specs
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Windows: 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (Recommended 10 or 11)
Architecture: 32 or 64 BIT
Device: Laptop / PC
Processor: Pentium 3.0 GHz or above
Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
Storage: 2 GB free HDD or more
Slot: Usb port required
Astrology: Need Basic Astrology Knowledge
Sr. No Item
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1. Usb Dongle
2. Installation CD for Kundli - 2025
3. Instruction Manual

1.North, South, East Indian charting styles KP , Nirayan and Western systems to cater to any school of astrology

2.Stores all the data of horoscopes printed for future reference

3.User can print any party name & address on the horoscope

4.Fancy charting styles for printing charts

5.Works for any time zone in the world

6.Large data base of Latitude & Longitudes of all countries

7.Can print selected pages at random Customize your own modules

8.Match Making for Marriage compatibility

9.Instant display facility

10.Single Concise page for Sending with marriage Biodata

11.House wise General predictions

12.Yearly Predictions (Varshphal)

13.Sade Sati & Remedies True & Mean Rahu , ketu Positions

14.Special Ruling Kundli of current date & time

15.Current transits of planets & Yearly Rasi & Nakshatra changes

16.Tithi Calendar

17.Baby Names Database

18.Shubh Kaal, Chogadia, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Mandi, Gulik etc. Online Updates and a very Comprehensive help

Q1.How do I install the application?

Ans.Insert the CD in your pc and Install the application on your pc.

Q2.Why do i need the Dongle?

Ans.The Dongle acts as a Key to the software,without which the software will not work.Hence always insert the dongle before use.

Q6.What about the Upgrades?

Ans. Contact our office for new updates.

Q7.Can it be Exchanged or Transfered?

Ans. Contact our office for exchange offers.

Q8.What Precautions are Necessary?

Ans.Simply Retain the dongle under all circumstances.

Item Download
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Kundli - 2025 Manual
Kundli - 2025 Broucher
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